Can I change the delivery address?

Next have now made shopping for friends and family even easier with the ‘Send to a Friend delivery service’. Your Next items can now be delivered to your own billing address as well as up to five other addresses within your Next account.

To take advantage of this fantastic new service simply update your ‘My Account’ page at with your new delivery addresses (just look for the Delivery Address heading under Account options). From this page you can add up to a total of 5 new addresses as well as manage your address settings.

Adding a New Address in ‘My Account’

When adding a new address to your account we will firstly ask you for an ‘Address Name’. This is purely for your own reference so that you can easily recognise the address you have entered. For example ‘Sisters House’. We will then ask for the ‘Recipient at Address’ to ensure that we address your order to the correct recipient (if you are sending items directly to your friends or family you would need to enter their name in this field). Following this we will then ask for the ‘House Number or Name’ and the ‘Postcode.’
Once you have confirmed your new delivery address we ask you to activate your new address against your billing address by entering your credit/debit card details.* We will not take any payment from the card and the information will not be stored by us, it is simply used as a security check. Once you have completed this step you will be ready to start delivering items to an alternative address.

Adding a New Address during Checkout

You can also add a new address to your account when you check out, but you must use your password to sign in to use this feature. To do this just look for the ‘add new address’ link on the ‘Delivery Details’ page. If you are paying for your order using your Next Directory Flexible account, then you will be asked to follow the same procedure as outlined above. For Flexible Account holders to enable us to deliver to a different address to your ‘Account Address’ we may require you to pay by credit card* for your purchase. The credit card must be registered to your Account Address.


Q. What happens if I do not activate my new address?

A. We will save the new address details that you have entered on your ‘My Account’ area so that you can activate it at a later date. If an address needs to be activated there will be an ‘activate’ button next to it in the ‘Delivery Addresses’ section.

Q. How do I edit an address?

A. Simply go to the ‘Delivery Addresses’ section in ‘My Account’ and select the address you would like to edit. If you just change the ‘Address Name’ or the ‘Recipient at Address’ you will not need to re-activate the address. However, if you change the address details you will be asked to re-activate the address for security reasons.

*Customers must hold a valid credit card at their billing address to be eligible. We're sorry; we're unable to accept American Express as payment when sending an order to a different address.