How do I place an order online to be delivered to the store?

If you are a new flexible account customer, you will have the option of having your first order delivered to the store. As this will be your first order, we will require a full credit/debit card payment for security reasons so that we can verify your identity.

If you are a credit/debit card customer you will have the option of having your order delivered to the store if you place your order online at A full card payment will be required.

Payment for store deliveries cannot be accepted by gift card or eVoucher.

Once an order has been confirmed to be delivered to the store, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. If we have a mobile
telephone number registered to your account, we will send a text message to confirm that the parcel(s) are in store ready for collection. If you register an e-mail address to your account you will also receive an e-mail when your parcel(s) are ready to collect.

Orders delivered to the store will be available to collect the following day after 12:30pm.

Please take some form of personal identification when collecting your order from the store,
 for example:

  • Personal identification such as a driving licence, utility bill, credit or debit card.
  • Information showing your account details such as your Next Directory card, Next Directory statement, a delivery note or the letter which accompanied your Directory.

This order will be available for collection up to 10 days from delivery. For further details please see our Terms and Conditions.