Fraud - Phishing E-mails

Phishing e-mail messages are designed to steal your identity. They ask for personal data, or direct you to Web sites or phone numbers to call where they ask you to provide personal data.

Next will never request your Customer Number & date of birth in an e-mail, we may ask for one of these but not both together. We may ask for your credit / debit card information if you are placing an order with us, and do not have a credit facility. This will appear after the delivery screen and not in sign-in.

We are aware that recent E-mails have been sent with a link, requesting for you to sign in to a web site that resembles our Internet site's Sign in page. The Web address attatched to the email links are not our official web site.

If you want to be sure where the link is going to take you too, hover over the link with your mouse (do not click) the  Web address associated with the link will display with a message  click here to follow link. If the web address does not start with or  the link is not from NEXT. 

Examples of recent known phishing mail text

Log in to your account and grab all the new offers for Summer.
Or Log in to your account to increase your credit limit
or Log in to your account to obtain your gift.

Hurry while offer last.

To Get Started, Please Click Here.

Ignore these email's and under no circumstances enter any credit card or other personal information. The screen looks similar to ours but the Secure Login Padlock is in the wrong place and the URL (as you can see below) is not a or Next would never ask for credit card details as verification of a customer's account login.

This recent phishing mail is directing you to the following web addresses that are not owned by Next Directory.

DO NOT Sign in to these sites 


http://www.visionki.    pl/loginby email.html


NB Extra space has been added to prevent these links working

Also any emails from the following address
is not from NEXT


Next email addresses are as follows:-

Note The screen below on the right you can see they are also requesting personal cardholder details. NEXT would never request this data at Sign in. Do not proceed. Do not provide your personal details.

This is an example of a recent Phishing link that has been used with a web address

NEXT Sign in will require one of the following options only.

Option 1 - Email & Password


Option 2 - Customer Number & Date of Birth


Option 3 - Register as NEW

NB No additional data will be requested by NEXT at Sign in to Next.
International Customers using only have options 1 and 3.

If you have clicked onto the link and entered your details then please call us immediately so we can prevent your account being compromised. We would also advise you to let your bank / building society or credit card provider know if you have entered these details.

Should you have any further queries relating to Phishing e-mails please contact our Internet Services Team on 0333 777 4510*.

Lines are open: 24 hours a day 7 Days A Week

*For call charges contact your service provider.