How Do I Leave An Item Review?


If you would like to share your views on any of the following:-

  • Write a review about a product
  • Comment on other customers reviews
  • View details about the review you have made eg: view how many people found the review useful
  • Report any inappropriate comment
  • Share the review through the following social networking sites :
    • Face book
    • Twitter
    • Dig this
    • Myspace

Simply follow the 3 simple steps below:-

1) Find the products you’d like to review

2) Click “Write a review” on the product page, then sign in or register for a Next account.

3) Write your review, preview and submit.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when any of these actions are taken:

  • Your review or comment has been approved
  • A review or comment has been rejected
  • A new review has been posted

You can use this review process from your account summary page.