Making a call from Textphone

We offer a textphone service for our customers with hearing and speech impairments who have access to a textphone.

To use the textphone service, call 0333 777 4501* where we will be able to help you place any orders or with any enquiry you may have.

When we answer, you will receive a message to let you know that the call is being connected. Please allow enough time for us to reply.

During the call, we will take turns to type and reply to the messages. When you have finished typing, type ‘GA’ which stands for ‘Go Ahead’. This will let us know that you have finished typing so we can assist you with your query. When you see ‘GA’ at the end of our message, it is your turn to type.

You may use ‘Q’ to at the end of the message to show you are asking a question as this maybe easier for you to type.

At the end of the call, type ‘Bye’ or ‘Goodbye’ to show you have finished. Alternatively, once you are ready to end the call, type ‘BIBI SKSK’ which means ‘Bye Bye’ and ‘Stop Keying’ to let us know you have finished and will not be saying anything else.

*For call charges contact your service provider.