Lipsy Brand Protection

If you find products you believe to be counterfeit, or if you would like to confidentially report suspicious behaviour, or if you have any information you would like to make us aware of, please write to us as or call us on 0207 462 0560.

Lipsy is a unique brand with high standards and we stand behind products carrying our trademark. We have a global portfolio of registered and unregistered trademark rights, registered design rights and copyright protection.  Lipsy actively pursue those individuals or sellers infringing on the Lipsy brand in order to give our customers a genuine experience.

We aim to protect the Lipsy brand, investigate infringers, enforce alongside official agencies, and prevent further infringement of our rights. Lipsy takes Brand Protection very seriously. There are multiple ways to experience the benefits of a genuine Lipsy product by shopping at one of our stores (standalone stores or in Next stores); via the official Next website (; or from an authorised distributor.  If the price is too good to be true, you could be looking at a counterfeit product.

Buying Counterfeit Goods:

  • You will not get the quality you would when buying from Lipsy or an authorised seller
  • You support criminals groups who finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit products and you may therefore be contributing to illegal activity
  • You support the production of fake goods which are often made under unacceptable conditions